Jobs in Science without working in Science

Coming from a science background myself, when studying for my Bachelors and Masters I always had the same plan in my mind; graduate and go into a lab role. Looking back on it now, I realise how little I was prepared for what you can actually do outside of this path and I wish I […]

Switching from academia to industry: factors to keep in mind

Coming from a science background, I speak from experience when I say it can be hard to bite the bullet and move into a different industry. After you finish a degree in science, you can go either of two ways; stay in academia further and do a postgraduate qualification, or move into industry (whether that […]

How to Make an Impact in Your New Role

When it comes to your first few months in a new workplace, it’s important to set clear goals, prove the worth you sold in your interviews, and make social ties outside of your own team. Below we have listed 6 top tips for setting you up for early success in your new position: 1. Say […]