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Returning to an old employer – what to consider

It is a candidate market at the moment. With employment in Ireland at a high and with a demand for strong and experienced talent ever growing people in Ireland are changing jobs much more frequently than before to ensure they secure what’s most important to them (better location, increased work-life balance, more benefits, etc.). You […]


Does the below sound familiar?   Everything is going great at work, you are performing well, staying on top of things and you are managing your time somewhat successfully. One day however, all of a sudden you feel you’ve hit a wall and you become exhausted, stressed and your mind feels fried.   If you […]


While you’re in the interview process for a job one of the most awkward subjects for people to discuss can be the topic of money / salary expectations – do I mention it / do they / are we on the same page? Don’t worry if this sounds like you as many people feel the […]

Understanding Counter Offers

If you find yourself in a position where you have secured an offer for a new job and plan to make a move from your current company, counter-offers are a very real possibility that may be presented to you. So what is a counter-offer and why is it important to be prepared for them? Check […]

Job Offers – What Makes or Breaks Your Decision

If you have been looking for a new job you can end up going through a long interview process. By the time you get to offer stage you can often find yourself dazed. Before you accept the offer, make sure you think about what’s on offer and whether you have any doubts about the role […]


When it comes to preparing your CV there are certain things that should/should not make it into your resume. Some of these things can be more obvious than others, while others can be harder to spot. If you’re planning on going on the job hunt anytime soon and are scouring the Job Boards as part […]

5 Simple things to remove from your CV

In recruitment we scan through hundreds of CVs a week and it becomes obvious very quickly the ones that stand out for the right reasons and the ones that don’t. The way you make your CV can vary depending on the person and successful CVs can come in a variety of different forms and layouts, […]