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Articles Posted by Zoe Hamilton

Job searching during Coronavirus

Job searching during Coronavirus With the Coronavirus there is a lot of uncertainty out there and this is causing a change in the current job market. Companies are adapting to this which means some people are losing jobs, working from home or for some jobs have fallen through. With this uncertainty can come anxiety and […]

Most common mistakes to make on your CV

On average hiring managers and recruiters can receive 100s of CVs everyday for different positions. Because of this they may not necessarily have time to read each one with great detail and could briefly scan through the CV. If they spot a mistake on your CV, your CV will more than likely be ignored. It […]


It’s always hard to leave your current job. You feel settled, you have mastered a routine, and the salary might even be alright. However, you might not actually be happy in your job without even knowing it! You might already know it but not sure if it’s the right time to move or you could […]


Answering competency questions in an interview can be tricky, especially if you feel like you are not prepared for the interview. They usually start off as “tell me about a time when..” At some point we have all struggled in interviews. But using the STAR approach can provide some guidance when answering these questions.   What is […]