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Post Covid-19 Interviews: Questions you should ask

Helping you to prepare for a new role, in a new era of work.

Choosing where to work and which roles to accept is always an important decision, and a very personal one at that. Professional life has changed, and this changes the questions you should ask in an interview.

  1. In terms of both business and leadership, what are the organisation’s key outcomes from the Covid-19 crisis?

All organisations have changed as a result of the Covid-19 crisis, and have been forced to reconfigure processes, develop new ways of working or develop new products and markets all in a shortened space of time. It is important to see what the company has learned and how they will take this into the future.


  1. Have the strategic goals of the organisation been altered due to the crisis?

Business models have shifted, and workforces have restructured to adapt to this new world we are living in. As a new employee, you want to understand the organisation’s strategic priorities.


  1. How does the organisation live its’ organisational purpose?

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed priorities in all aspects of life. It is now more likely than ever that you are more inclined to choose to work with an organisation you feel that your values align with.


  1. In order to ensure employees are kept agile and adaptable, how does the organisation plan to support continuous learning?

This pandemic has highlighted the fact that change is instantaneous, and we must be adaptable in all aspects of life. You need to feel that you are joining an organisation that supports its’ employees upskilling and continuous learning.


  1. What can be expected when working remotely?

Remote work is no longer considered a perk, but is still relatively new ground for most employers, therefore it is important to be aware of what equipment, support and training you will be provided with.


  1. What is the management style for hybrid teams?

This is still new territory for managers, so it is a good idea to understand how they lead or plan to lead hybrid teams, and have they learned any lessons from managing teams throughout the Covid-19 crisis.


  1. When working in a hybrid way, how do you maintain organisational culture?

These new hybrid ways of working have faced us with new challenges in terms of maintaining an organisation’s culture. It is important to understand what the company are doing in order to maintain the culture, for example regular communications or catch ups.


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