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Job searching during Coronavirus

Job searching during Coronavirus

With the Coronavirus there is a lot of uncertainty out there and this is causing a change in the current job market. Companies are adapting to this which means some people are losing jobs, working from home or for some jobs have fallen through. With this uncertainty can come anxiety and worry which can cause discouragement for people who are searching for opportunities. Some companies have slowed down or have put recruitment on hold however, some companies are still recruiting during this time. No one can know for sure when things will go back to normal, but below we have some tips on how you can job search during this time or prepare for when companies start recruiting again.


Take time to reflect

With all this extra time that we are having, taking time to reflect on where you are now in your career or where you want to be is important. If you are happy in your current position, it might be useful to create a 5 or 10 year plan for your career and seeing if there if there is anything that you can do now to help your goals. If you are searching for opportunities, think about what you want and how you will achieve this. Setting a timeline in your job search can help however make sure that this is a realistic time line. Do your research, if there is a company that you have always wanted to work with see if they are recruiting or see if there is a recruiter working with the company. During downtime is perfect time to reflect.

Build up on skills

Many people have now more time on their hands which can be a fantastic opportunity to gain new skills or perhaps develop current skills. There are fantastic online courses that you can do depending on the area that you are in. By having these skills under your belt can be helpful when applying to new positions. Some companies are providing excellent online courses for free to develop your current professional skills. Take the time to do these!


Now might be an opportunity to develop new connections or reconnect with past connections. Using the likes of LinkedIn and Facebook maybe useful in networking or for your job search. Making new connections with recruiters may be helpful for you, as they may currently or possibly in the future have opportunities that you could be interested in. They may be able to give you advice on the current market that you specialise in or keep you up to date. Following recruitment companies can also be helpful as you can see the jobs that they are posting. Finding people who are like you can spark conversations about opportunities within their organisation. Reconnecting with old colleagues can also be beneficial in seeing what current opportunities are in the company or who is hiring.

See who is hiring

Most life sciences and healthcare companies are hiring to cope with the demand of the Coronavirus. It is good to see who is perhaps adapting well to the situation, who are making great efforts and who are adding value to our current situation. Using recruiters, job boards and LinkedIn can be a great way to see who is still currently hiring.

Be flexible, adaptable and patient

With this uncertainty means that you may have to become flexible, adaptable and patient. If you are unemployed there is a great deal of urgency in finding a new position. You might be someone that has only had permanent positions, now might be a good to consider contract or temporary opportunities. You never know, some of these positions may lead to a permanent position and it could give you an opportunity to try something new and gain new skills. If you are applying to opportunities tailor your CV to each position that you apply for. This might be time consuming however companies may be looking for particular skills that are on the job spec and if these skills are on your CV it can give you a great advantage. Also be patient with yourself and with companies. This is a hard and stressful situation that everyone is unfortunately facing. Some companies are going under huge change and these processes will more than likely be longer than usual. It is important that we all adapt to the new normal.

For people that are working from home if is important to show that you are adapting and being productive. This will impress your employers and will benefit you in the long run.

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