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No matter how much you can prepare for an interview sometimes things can go wrong. You could have felt nervous on the day, you could have gone blank on answering a question or maybe you struggled to build a good rapport with the interviewers. When an interview goes bad it can really put a knock on our confidence. Remember there is always a chance that the interview didn’t go as bad as you had thought.

But if it did, here are some tips on how to overcome a bad interview.


Give yourself time.

Firstly take a few deep breaths. Sometimes after an interview you can be upset and start overthinking. Once you are relaxed, then take some time and reflect on the interview. It can help to talk to someone about it for example your recruiter. There is no need to spend too much time thinking about the interview as this can lead to overthinking and you can convince yourself that it went worse than it had. Going for a walk can help clear your head.


Learn from it.

When you reflect from your interview, write everything down that had gone wrong. From looking at the mistakes you may ask yourself why did you make these? Was it because of lack or preparation? You might had said the wrong thing? You were late for the interview? Whatever it was identifying how the mistakes happened will help you avoid it for next time. If you had gotten feedback from your recruiter take it on board and listen to what they have to say. They might have some useful advice for you. Remember, take notes of the positive feedback and don’t be too hard on yourself. Learning from your mistakes and your positives will help you in interviews in the future.


Keep Trying!

Don’t give up your job search just because of one bad interview. Also don’t forget to say thank you after the interview which you should send on to your recruiter to tell the company. It is important to show that you are still interested in the position and in the company. If you don’t get the job at least you can learn from the interview. But you never know your positive attributes might outshine some of the minor mistakes that you had made, and the interviewer may see past it. It’s important to stay positive!

Remember this is only a bump in the road and only one opportunity, there will be many more opportunities to come!

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