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Christmas is over and January blues are starting to set in. A lot of people use the New Year as a fresh start and a time to set up some career resolutions for the year. There is a lot to consider here and sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.

Create your career resolutions and goals!

Thinking of resolutions and setting goals can often be a good start when considering making a change. It allows you to think about what you want to get from starting a new or current position or how to achieve your dream job. Your resolution could be to learn something new, challenge yourself more or even a new personal target. SMART is a great acronym that can help you set your goals! This involved setting specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-framed goals. Making lists, doing research can be helpful and often setting lots of small or short-term goals can help you achieve your overall goal and keep your career resolutions.


Here are some top career resolutions:

Create a work-life balance

You might have notice that you had put a lot of hours into your job and may feel that you have missed out with time with your family or even experienced burn out once or twice in 2019. It’s important to work hard but also enjoy time out of the office too. This may involve taking some time out of your schedule for family and friends or even setting time a side for your hobbies, mental health or exercise.

Applying yourself

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up doing the same thing everyday or being in a rut and it’s always hard going out of your comfort zone. But by applying yourself you could gain new opportunities within your company. This might involve putting yourself forward for new projects, learning or even activities outside of the office like volunteering. This can give you a sense of motivation or achievement.

Make more connections

Christmas is usually the best time to socialise with staff parties but going to networking events can help you to build new connections or even maintain current ones. Life is always busy but it’s good to take time out to build up your network. I know for some people networking events is a scary thought and perhaps have never gone to one before. But by even having a resolution to go to one networking event could provide you with valuable connections. Use networking events to your advantage!

Be open to opportunities

Regardless if you are happy or not happy in your current role you should always be open to different opportunities! You don’t loose out on anything and could lead to an opportunity to progress with your career and to gain your career goals!

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