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If you’re looking for a new job and are scrolling through job sites you might find that some of the opportunities catching your eye are with a company you previously worked for. Does this mean they are off limits?


There are many reasons why you might have finished up with a company in the past, such as end of contract, no opportunity at the time for progression, relocation, personal reasons, etc. Just because you worked somewhere previously doesn’t mean you can never go back, especially if you work in a specialised field where opportunities may be limited to a select few companies.


So what are the benefits of returning to an old employer?


Good chances of re-employment

Having worked there previously you may already know the hiring manager or who the best person to get in touch with about the job is. By sending your application to the right person rather than blindly submitting it online you have a better chance of being called for interview. If you got on well in the company before and left on good terms, then there is a very strong chance that you will be of interest to the company again as they know from past experience what type of skill set you bring to the role and how you interact with other employees.


Your Induction will be easier

Since you’ve worked in the company before you’ve already been through Induction once, so this time round you know what to expect. It’ll be less daunting knowing that you already know how to do certain things and training will be quicker. Of course, you may not remember everything and there may be new areas you need to be trained up in, but the transition back will be much smoother than the first time round! If you’re returning to the same department you might still even have some work friends still working there that will help make settling back in even easier!


You’ll know what to expect upon returning

By returning to an ex-employer not only do they know what you bring to the table, but you know what they bring. This can include work culture, sports and social clubs, daily duties as well as standard benefits package. If these were aspects you were happy with before then chances are you’ll be happy with them again. You know what to expect and your employer will appreciate that you know what you’re getting.


It could pay off financially

If you enjoyed working for the company but left for career progression and financial growth previously, then chances are upon returning you will be coming back at a higher level and so you will be able to negotiate a higher salary to reflect this, especially in very specialised areas of work. This means not only do you get to return to somewhere you enjoyed working but you can benefit financially as well – win win!


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