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When it comes to your first few months in a new workplace, it’s important to set clear goals, prove the worth you sold in your interviews, and make social ties outside of your own team. Below we have listed 6 top tips for setting you up for early success in your new position:

1. Say “yes” to exciting opportunities
Even if you are not quite sure how to execute them, say yes to new opportunities that come your way. Whether it’s public speaking opportunities, networking events, professional development courses, learn to just say “yes”. Why? Well, the adrenaline rush is stronger than the discomfort and you might even end up surprising yourself! If you fail, it’s no biggie, these are learning curves and can help to better navigate future situations.

2. Set achievable goals from the get-go
Establish clear goals to ensure you have something to work towards on a daily and monthly basis. These goals should be clearly linked to your job description and the overall goals of the company. If your new boss does not clearly set goals, such as KPI’s, then why not make achievable targets for yourself to reach? Make sure to check-in on your goals/targets, find out what is working and what is deterring you from success.

3. Branch out
It’s easy to become comfortable with office neighbours — but once you know them, it’s time to branch out and meet other people in the company. You never know, you may need to ask upon them for advice and different perspectives down the line.

4. Sit in on meetings

Within reason, ask to sit in on meetings and try to give your own insight. You will gain a clearer picture of where the company is at and where they want to be. A new perspective/approach could be exactly what they need!

5. Work on developing good habits

Exercise has been proven to increase productivity, it is important to make time for this before or after work. Entrepreneurs, such as Richard Branson, have long known that regular physical activity, be it tennis, running, or yoga, can provide you with up to four extra hours of productivity every day. It is also so important for your mental health.

Avoid eating your lunch at your desk! In the current working world, it is the norm. To your boss, eating in front of your computer shows commitment right? I disagree, you need time to socialise with your co-workers and eat mindfully so that you don’t over eat and you can get back to your desk feeling re-energised

6. Seek feedback early on

After a month or two in the job, ask your boss to schedule a review meeting. This will ensure you’re on the right track to becoming successful in your new role. Ask for areas of improvement and what they feel you are doing well.


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