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Most people find themselves changing jobs at one point or another during their career and it can be many different reasons – better money or opportunity, better location, dislike old role or company etc. It can be an exciting time but you need to also remember that not only are you starting somewhere new, you are saying goodbye to your old job. Regardless of what industry you work in, when handing in your notice there’s a right and wrong way to handle it.


Check out some of our Dos and Don’ts below so you approach the situation the right way:


Do know and follow company procedure

Different companies have different procedures they expect their employees to follow when leaving their job. Before you let your boss know you’re leaving make sure to research into what procedure your company follows and make sure to follow it. Most companies require you to hand in a formal letter of resignation when leaving your job so ensure to type one up. Keep this short, to the point and overall positive and hand a hard copy into your manager along with a soft copy if they request it then.


Don’t disrespect the notice period

Before you write your letter of resignation check your contract and whether your company requires you to work a notice period before you leave your job. Having a notice period in a job is standard procedure and is there to ensure that loose ends are tied up before you leave or to ensure a replacement can be hired for you and a hand over can take place before you go. Treat your employer with respect, when you hand in your resignation letter refer to your notice period and state the day you plan to finish up, then make sure you honour this notice period. Don’t switch off in your job just because you are going to be leaving soon, be as helpful as possible and try to leave everything organised for your replacement.


Do be prepared for counter offers

A counter offer is an offer that your company can present to you when they know you are leaving your job to try and get you to stay with them. This can be anything from a salary increase, extra benefits or holidays or even sometimes a promotion. Counter offers may seem great at the time, but if you aren’t prepared for them they can really throw you and make you doubt your decision to leave a company. When handing in your notice, make sure you know your reasons for leaving. If you are counter offered, ask yourself if it would make enough of a difference for you if you stayed and why is it now that this is being offered and not before. Be prepared to be counter offered and if one is presented, thank your company but politely decline and reiterate to them that you know leaving is the right decision for you.


Don’t leave on a bad note

Regardless of what your reasons are for leaving make sure to remain professional when handing in your resignation and working out your notice period. If your company conducts an exit interview try to provide constructive feedback and refrain from being unnecessarily negative. In your day to day activities coming up to your last day also follow this rule and try to leave a good impression – remember you never know when you might need them to be a referee down the line!


Finally, do remain positive and allow yourself to be excited about your new move, it’s an exciting time so make sure to enjoy your last few days before leave to start your next adventure.


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