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1) Be positive and confident

A phone interview may come across as unnatural to you, however, you can take some comfort in interviewing without the pressures of sitting in front of a panel of company representatives all sat across the table from you.

It is important to relax and smile as much as possible while speaking. Smiling whilst speaking will allow you to give positive answers and sound confident, which is likely to come across well to the employer.


2) Be professional

Dress as if you were going to a face-to-face interview. This may sound pointless, but if you sit at home in comfortable attire, you may come across less enthusiastic.

While you may feel comfortable at home during your interview, avoid any distractions. Sit in a quiet room, turn the TV off and avoid sipping drinks or eating – focus on what is being said.


3) Stand up and be clear

Standing up and walking around can help your voice to come across more naturally. Be clear in giving answers and showcase good communication skills. If at all possible, avoid words like “erm” and “umm” as it can imply that nerves affect you.


4) Have your CV to hand

It is important to have your CV to hand, as you will be asked about your experience and dates. This avoids the potentially disastrous situation of leaving the employer on the line while you run off to try and find your CV. First impressions count and this can imply a lack of organizational qualities.


5) Listen!

Avoid interrupting the interviewer when they are speaking. Wait for them to finish their question before jumping in with an answer to show that you have good listening skills, and it also allows you to think of the most suitable answer, something you cannot get away with so easily in a face-to-face interview. Saying words such as “OK” or “I see” at intervals will let the interviewer know that you are listening to them.



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