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Inês Rodrigues

Inês Rodrigues

R&D Scientist
Work experience
  • Research Master's studentCenter for Neuroscience and Cell Biology

    During my master’s degree, I developed a research project which culminated in writing my master’s dissertation titled “Evaluation of the Ability of CIAD7, a Natural Compound, to Induce the Pro-Resolution Phenotype in Murine Macrophages.” Throughout this project, I developed technical competencies such as cell culture and cell treatment with test compounds, cell Viability Assay, Griess Assay, Western Blotting, Enzymatic Activity Assay, and Flow Cytometry. I also analysed data and interpreted results, always with a critical spirit. Other skills gained were attention to detail and problem solving. I also became alerted to Health and Safety while working at the laboratory and learned how to organise my schedule.

  • Retail Sales AssistantTiffosi

    As a retail sales assistant, I was responsible for multiple tasks such as reception of products and materials within the store, replacement and maintenance of goods within the store, checking and control of stock, carrying out the daily inventory, organisation of goods on the store and warehouse, cleanness of equipment and store, following safety rules, personalised service to the client, client demonstration of goods and cashier. This job allowed me to improve my ability to communicate with others, especially accounting for their needs, and my organisation skills and multitasking competency.

  • Research Master's studentCenter for Neuroscience and Cell Biology

    During my Bachelor’s degree in Biology, I attended a subject that consisted in developing a project applied in biology for one semester. This semester, I had the opportunity to experience part of a research process by performing some experiments such as the preparation of cerebral hippocampal homogenates, determination of hippocampal proteins, lipids and cellular messengers and blood biochemical characterisation. It was also the first time I analysed and interpreted data, to write my report in the form of an article titled “The role of hypertension in brain metabolism dysfunction: as a risk for Alzheimer’s disease”.

  • MScUniversity of Coimbra

    A Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology allowed me to acquire skills for learning, integrating and applying knowledge in emerging fields of Molecular Biotechnology, particularly in its application to medicines and human health. It also stimulated pharmaceutical innovation, combining theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the context of the current methodologies employed in the field of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology. It prepared me scientifically and technically in the Pharmaceutical Biotechnology’s field, for a pharmaceutical delivery of quality with added value through the development of innovative products and processes, provided specialised training in the pharmaceutical sector and the post-graduate stage or the updated corporate technical staff. This course opened my perspectives on professional integration in research and development groups in this area, as well as service and consulting companies on research and development of new biotechnology products.

  • BScUniversity of Coimbra

    A Bachelor’s degree in Biology promoted training in a wide range of areas: Cellular and Molecular Biology, Physiology, Differentiation and Development, Biodiversity and Taxonomy, Genetics, Ecology, Environment, Conservation and Bioinformatics. It gave me essential knowledge of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biochemistry. It also provided me with solid scientific, theoretical and laboratory training to start a professional activity in areas as diverse as Research, Industry (Agrifood, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology) and the Dissemination of Scientific Information, both nationally and internationally.