How to Kickstart Your Job Search

Whether you feel stuck in your current position, were recently made redundant or are about to embark on your professional journey having recently graduated, looking for a job can be overwhelming. Between writing resumes and cover letters, frantically searching job boards and social media, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Fear not, below we have outlined 5 tips to kick off your search…

  1. Understand why you want a change

Before you dive into your search efforts, it is important to understand what role you are looking for and why you are looking for a change.

After you identify your ideal job, there are several other factors to consider: What size and type of company is appealing to you? What kind of people, environment, workload, and salary are you aiming for? Are you looking for a foot in the door of a new industry, or are you looking for a comparable role in a similar company, but with a different culture? This may sound basic, but it’s something that people often overlook when they’re stressed about their job hunt.

Once you figure out exactly what you want and why, you’ll have the motivation and confidence you need to plow ahead. And as a bonus, whenever you network or interview, you’ll come across as an even stronger candidate because you’ll be able to articulate exactly why you’re perfect for the position.

  1. Network, Network, Network! 

People often forget this invaluable tool when job hunting. LinkedIn is the world’s largest online professional networking application with approximately 470 million worldwide members. According to Jobvite, at least 87 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to source talent.

Perhaps one of LinkedIn’s greatest strengths is its ability to help you locate key players at the companies for which you’d like to work. My suggestion is that first you create a list of your target companies, and then connect with people on your level in those companies. You should also consider reaching out to Recruiters in your targeted industries, as they can offer sound advice and keep you in mind for suitable opportunities.

  1. Update your current CV

Take the time to update your resume and perhaps consider a format or visual makeover. There are plenty of online resume templates to follow. Be sure to update your employment history to date, include your accomplishments and update any training or skill advancements.

It is important to read the job spec for the position you are applying for. Then, write your professional summary and cover letter so it covers the essential skills and experience that the company require for the role.

  1. Keep track of the companies that you are applying to 

You may find you are applying to numerous positions, either directly or through an agency. It is vital to keep track of where you have already applied to, especially if you are going through various agencies. I also recommend keeping track, so that if the company rings you for a more detailed discussion you have an idea straightaway of the role they are calling in relation to.

  1. Keep it all in perspective

With the job market being increasingly competitive, it is important to remain positive and keep in mind that rejection is not personal. It’s very hard not to get discouraged. You may go to numerous interviews, apply to hundreds of roles, and still be waiting for feedback. Friends and family will offer advice and say things like, “The right job will come along,” but it is hard to keep things in perspective sometimes. You’re not alone – and the truth is that it only takes the right role to come along.


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