How to choose the right recruitment agency

Are you thinking about a career move but don’t know where to start? A good starting point is to ask yourself these simple questions: What is my main reason for moving? What type of role and company am I looking for? Do I have a specific location I am looking for or will I consider relocation? Does my CV accurately reflect my skills and experience?

Once you have the answers to these questions firmly in your head you can start looking. The easiest, and one of the best ways to find new job opportunities is by working with a recruitment agency.

Here are some tips to help you find the right recruitment agency for you:

  • Choose a niche recruitment agency – one that is specifically focused on the industry area that matches your skills and experience.
  • Ask your friends or colleagues working in similar roles to recommend an agency they have had good experience with.
  • Choose an agency that is a member of an industry body and that subscribes to a code of practice.
  • Before you submit your CV go on-line and look at the agency web site. Look at the range of jobs they have advertised and the locations. Do these match what you are looking for? Does the site appear to be user friendly, does it contain useful information for candidates and background information on the company?

Do your research and choose the right agency for you. A good recruitment agency will build a relationship with you, advise and guide you through the process right from your initial job search to landing your dream job.  A strong recruitment agency will be interested in your career development and when you are ready for your next career move they will be your first port of call.

Remember, choose the right recruitment agency to ensure a positive recruitment experience.

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