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The first step you need to do when considering a new job is to ensure that your CV is in order. Your Curriculum Vitae should give prospective employers an overview of who you are and what accomplishments you have achieved. In order to do this, we suggest that you write and format your CV clearly and concisely and have included some tips below to assist you in doing this.

CV Checklist

  • Ensure that your CV is comprehensible and easy to read
  • Keep the format/style consistent throughout
  • Each section should be clearly headed and generally all headings should be in bold
  • Use bullet points to make your CV easier to read
  • Keep your CV informative and concise, 2/3 pages is usually sufficient
  • Photographs, references and salary do not need to be included and can be furnished upon request

Tips on what to put in your CV

  • Include your Personal Details, Contact Name, Address, Contact Number, Email Address
  • Include a section for your Education profile
  • Under Work Experience list each job in chronological order beginning with your most recent position
  • Concentrate on the details in your 2 most recent jobs (unless you were only there for a short time) as this is what employers will be most interested in
  • Treat internal promotion in each position as a new job and record the dates separately
  • In each role set out your main responsibilities, achievements etc

* Before submitting your CV make sure to check our CV checklist!

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