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Thornshaw Scientific has seen an increase in demand for qualified scientists and technical staff in the past 12 months. In Ireland, the industry is going from strength to strength as pharmaceutical companies continue to expand their operations here and add new activities such as research, finance and supply chain management.

The pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries play a vital role in our economy. These sectors have become integral to the nation’s prosperity making Ireland one of the top four locations for the industry worldwide. Eight of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the world have Irish facilities, and the country is one of the premier global locations for pharmaceutical and chemical product manufacture.

Thornshaw Scientific are recruitment partners to many of the leading global companies based here in Ireland. We have also developed excellent relationships with many of the smaller Irish owned companies. We deliver a service comprising quality, excellence and understanding of our clients’ needs.

We have noted the following trends in the science area. The majority of roles available for candidates are either permanent or fixed term contracts. There are more long term contracts available now (12 months plus). The science area is growing specifically in the area of Quality, Compliance and Regulatory where there is a very strong demand for candidates with these skills.

The information in this document should be used as a guide, and does not account for variance in company size, industry, turnover, etc. The salaries listed are base salaries and do not include extras (bonuses, commission). The guide includes a separate section on Benefits and Perks.

If you require more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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The figures quoted in this document are taken from a number of sources. The figures quoted could be higher or lower and depend on each individual company. The document should be used as a guideline for reference purposes.

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