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There’s a lot of truth to the old saying that looking for a job is a full-time job in itself. The job search takes place on many fronts, CV and interview preparation, online job board applications, emails to employers, building a social media brand, attending networking events and training programmes to name just a few. It’s fair to say that a dedicated jobseeker has their hands full if they are engaged in the majority of these activities.

However, many candidates ignore the enormous benefits and resources available to them through the use of a recruitment company. For starters, recruiters are essential for many employers who simply no longer possess the time, manpower or ability to source suitable candidates for their business on a large scale. In such instances, they turn to recruitment agencies to handle this task more effectively than their own in-house hiring staff.

It is important to remember that a recruiter has been entrusted by their client to understand their needs, gain an insight into their requirements, their culture and painstakingly wade through the piles of CV in order to identify the right person for the job.

Jobseekers should take full advantage of all the information the recruiter possesses about the company they wish to work for. In addition, a recruiter has something that you as a candidate don’t – direct access to the hiring manager.The recruiter is required to build a productive working relationship with the hiring manager of their client, so building a strong relationship with a recruiter is an enormous benefit to you. For one thing, it means that you have an influential person on your side, someone who is willing to fight for you.

They knows best

When it comes to the job description, a recruiter can help you out here also. They will know exactly which skills and requirements are most pertinent for the role you are applying for. This immediately gives you an advantage over the competition.

A recruiter can also provide you with useful tips and feedback to help improve your interview technique. In order to help determine if you right for the role, they may conduct a competency-based interview with you. This is a great way for you to not only demonstrate your strengths but also identify the areas you need to improve on. In this respect, a recruiter can act much like a mentor because they are effectively letting you practice for the real interview and build your confidence.

They will give you honest feedback

Furthermore, if you were deemed by the hiring manager to be an inappropriate fit for the position, a recruiter can give you honest feedback about why you were unsuccessful, whereas the employer is under no obligation to. The employer may have gone for a better applicant but the question remains, why were they considered better? What did they have that you didn’t? More suitable qualifications? Experience? Where they willing to accept a lower salary?

Although hiring managers may not share with you all of the reasons why your application was unsuccessful, they will tell the recruiter. Consequentially it is the recruiter’s job to relay this information to the candidate and give you the cold hard truth. You can then proceed to learn which areas you are weakest on and work on improving them.

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