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Using Pinterest to find a job

PinterestSo far in our discussion of the power of social media platforms for job seeking, we have looked at Facebook, Linkedin and Google+. All of these online mass communication services provide a unique range of innovative ways for making connections with influential people. However, there are some other alternative social networks, which can be equally as effective in aiding your employment search.

Pinterest is a pinboard-style social image sharing website, which allows users to create fun, themed photo collections for such categories as events, interests, holidays etc. It certainly makes for an unconventional method of showcasing your talents to a company; however with some innovative use, Pinterest can be a powerful marketing platform for self-promotion and brand development. It also presents an opportunity to demonstrate your skills of critical and creative thinking.

Setup your account and create a pinboard to highlight your personality and interests.

Choose an appropriate name for it such as “My job search” or “Why you should hire me”; it should be something that emphasises the mission statement of your account. Ensure that your skills and attributes are sufficiently outlined and correspond with the personal bio from your CV.

By connecting your Linkedin account to the web app, you can create an infographic representation of your CV to pin to your pinboard. This makes for a visually interesting way of displaying your experience. We recommend that you pin relevant images, videos and written content to your pinterest account, which will better explain who you are as a candidate.

Develop a pinboard that highlights your future ambitions.

Pin job ads and images that relate to your chosen career and which represent your dream job. It might be a good idea to visualise your career path plan in image form. Using photographs and videos, try to explain the steps you intend to take to land your ideal role. Include any information about the kinds of courses and qualifications you believe you will need. This is a great way to express how driven and focused you are to an employer. It also demonstrates foresight and your desire to work hard.

Put yourself on the radar of the companies you would like to work for.

Pin some of their best content to your account such as links, images, videos, blogs and press releases, share this content on Twitter. Including the company name in your Tweets will increase the odds of your Pinterest content being discovered. You should also try to engage with companies who already have a Pinterest account. They will be notified whenever you comment on their posts or repin their content. By becoming a regular contributor to their pinboards you will begin to build a relationship with the organisation and may eventually be able to enquire about employment opportunities.

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